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Is Activation Server down?


Is Activation Server down?

  • Hello,

    I have just installed Actional Diagnostics on my new PC and when I try to reach the activation page (http://localhost:8103/sos/v/pub/setup/license/activationRequired) I have:

    Welcome to Actional Diagnostics
    Sorry but we were unable to obtain a connection with the activation server.
    Please check your internet connection and try again.

    Try again
    Could you please tell me the procedure to follow to activate Actional Diagnostic?
    Maybe the activation server is down?
    Thanks a lot.
    Best Regards,
  • I installed today and had the same problem!  I even went to a second PC and tried it.

    Hello anyone from support, can you check the activation server?

  • Hi, It is back up now.

  • Is it down again? I'm having the same issue activating.