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Deleting files in sonicfs via java api


Deleting files in sonicfs via java api

  • hi

    is there away to delete files in the sonicfs:// of the directory service in sonic esb 7.5.2

    unfortunately i using the smc is tyring cause can not select more then one. It tried the delete methodes of the sonicfs class but it get always an exception not implemented.



  • Is the esdadmin command

         delete file

    good enough?


  • It's not working ...

    ESBAdmin> delete file /workspace/test/test3/20100401_co1_13_DocNoNotIncrementing


    Deleting from Directory Service...

    type = file

    name = /workspace/test/test3/20100401_co1_13_DocNoNotIncrementing.xml

    Failed to delete file '/workspace/test/test3/20100401_co1_13_DocNoNotIncrementin

    g.xml' - Not Implemented

  • Markus,

    it is except for the workspace.

    Manipulations to the workspace directory need to be done via the Workbench environment, e.g. you need to open you test project and  delete test3/20100401_co1_13_DocNoNotIncrementing.xml there.

  • Thx a lot Thomas for your replies,

    unfortunately I have this files in production ESB(and they are not just one actually much more). Can I connect with a work bench to a production environment?

  • Mmmm, the /workspace should not be there in a production environment (in the way that it is pointing to a directory on your file system). But I guess in your case /workspace is indeed just a normal dir within sonicfs that happens to have the same name as the virtual dir /workspace in a workbench install, right?

    And not, you should not connect with workbench to a prod env!

    BTW, I tried to delete from a none-workspace directory

    ESBAdmin> delete file /test/test.pdf
    Deleting from Directory Service...
        type = file
        name = /test/test.pdf


    works like a sharm.

    Can you does confirm that you production install is not ideed a workbench install?

  • Well, it happens to have the same name as in dev ... yes ...

    And it's not a work bench installation

  • weired... have you tried other locations?

    have you tried with delete dir too?

  • Yes i tried "delete directory" too same result ...

    On a other file/directory outside the workspace it works fine ....

  • Well, that seems to indicate to me that somehow the virtual dir is in place. To confirm, can you do a ds dump (SMC -> Tools -> Export Directory Service -> choose one). The locate the dsdump xml.

    The seach it for






















    If you find the


    then it is indeed a workbench install. The file path after it is where you find the files on local disk.

    If you don't find it... I don't know further...

    BTW, I would expect SMC give you the same error, right?

  • Nope the SMC allows me to delete a file and a directory .... but well only one by one .... which is quite much for all this files...

    About the ECLIPSE_WORKSPACE_DISK_LOCATION I will check for it