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Exporting the Progress Report data to Excel format


Exporting the Progress Report data to Excel format

  • Hi All,

    I do a lot of reporting using Crystal & i have the flexibility to export it to excel & once exported to excel i can sort in any order, Group by & even apply filters in the excel document.

    Do we have the same Flexibility of exporting the reports developed in progress to excel.

  • I don't know about the Crystal aspect, but for doing exports to Excel you should look at http://www.oehive.org/TempTableExpositor and http://www.oehive.org/project/lib .  The former is very simple in that you simply need to build a temp-table with your data and the expositor will put it in Excel for you.  The latter is much more general purpose and powerful.

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  • You can do it in Progress.

    We have found that is a key functionality for many users. We take Progress

    4GL using a .net front end and put the data into a temp table in memory.

    From there it is very easy to email or export the data as you see fit.

    Please feel free to go to www.cornerstar.com to learn more.


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  • Here's another option:


    It uses the Office 2003 SpreadsheetML schema to write an XML document readable by Excel.  Feel free to contribute.  I have some new features like freeze panes that I haven't yet committed though... I should probably do that (lazy).

    It can get a tad slow with large documents.  I haven't profiled it yet to determine if that is due to object allocation inefficiences of the AVM or the slowdown of appending CHAR to LONGCHAR when serializing the Cell objects (or both)... hopefully I (or someone else) can improve the performance some day.

  • Abe,

    Thank you, Do you have any documents/Samples in using this.


  • Aravind

    Sorry for the late reply.  There is an example file in the code.  But, hopefully you had already noticed that.


    Thank you,

    Abe Voelker