Hi all,

In October 2013 we launched this Community and together we started this exiting journey!

We are now 2 years later and I'd like to thank you all for your high level of engagement, willingness to share and assist each other as well as help us make this place as relevant and informative as possible.

Now that we have 2 full years of data, our key measures of success indicate we have an engaged community of users comprised of partners, customers and employees. Allow me to share some comparative numbers between 2014 and 2015:

  • Web Traffic (GA data):
    • The #Session increased by 31%.
    • 68% of our members are returning users, as in 2014.
    • Organic Search increased from 58% to 64% (SEO optimization).

  • The total number of members increased by 37% compared to 2014.

  • From a content perspective:
    • New content increased by 12%
    • Active content increased by 16%
    • Viewed content increased by 20%

In addition to these, let me share a few more key initiatives in 2015:

  • Released the PANS group. So even if some of you don't have access to SupportLink, you can still get our product alerts and notifications. By the way, this is an idea some of you suggested and we implemented it.

  • Relaunched the Corticon RulesWorld Samples Library where you can find resource for sample rule assets and orientation materials.

  • Added the OpenEdge Classroom group through which you get access to our free OpenEdge edition especially designed for developers who are new to OpenEdge.

  • Started the Common Component Specification (CCS) project group for you to drive and influence the development of a standard set of specifications so together, we can build high-productivity tools across multiple application frameworks. Another group where we listened to your feedback (no more NDA, streamlined registration).

  • Added more PUG Groups to our PUG community. Please make sure to join yours and start taking advantage of it. 

All of this drives me to believe we are on the right track. Our Community is only 2 years old and we are still at the early stage of our journey and, as there is always room for improvement and keeping in mind we are building this place together, I would encourage you continue providing feedback by posting here or logging more Community related ideas here. Rest assured we are working on more features and content in 2016 and beyond!

Once again, thank you all and have a healthful and successful 2016!