I have following screnario.

I have one BO Employee wh have list of  EmployeeRow BO.

EmployeeRow has follwoing attribute.

1)Emp Name            String

2)Emp ID                  String

3)Emp DeptName     String

4)Emp PC                 image

5)IsEmpContractor  boolean

now when i drag Emploee BO In the form and run it,

I do not need add or delete button for employee rwo. it means that Employee list is not editable.

Emp name and Emp Id must be read only,Emp dept Name should be editable,Emp pc should be hyper link with image,isEmpContractor is check box with editablemode.

I notices that when we define attribute in BO at that time we can select read only option but i need same attribute in one form editable and in another form it shoudl be not editable.

please help me to short out above issue,

Thanks and Regards ,

Hiren patel