I have a requirement in which I need to integrate application deployed in weblogic jms server running on java version 1.4 and sonic 8.X running on java version 1.6.The jms server contains MDB which are publishing/receiving form sonic through  weblogic jms server.

The problem comes here when we deploy the jars provided by sonic in the web logic jms server. As the jars are complied with java 1.6 (sonic) and can't run with java 1.4(weblogic jms server).Upgrading the jvm version of weblogic jms server to java 1.6 is not possible.

The straight forward solution is to upgrade the weblogic so that at both side java version becomes compatible.But this creates a dependecy on sonic upgrades. As everytime on a major sonic upgrade we also need to upgrade weblogic.

The solution which came to my mind:

Expose the sonic destinations used by weblogic jms server to acceptors.Use these acceptors URLs in the session beans in the weblogic so that they can communicate with MDBs.I don't know if its a feasible solution or a good approch to the problem.

Please suggest.

Thanks for reading this problem.