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Kind of new to OE


Kind of new to OE

  • Guys

    I am  new to OE and I would really love if you tips me out about documentation on OE and the 4GL language.

  • What's you version? What kind of applications are you about to develop? Working on an existing/old/legacy system or developing something new? Maintenance tasks or modernization?

    Of course there is the product documentation:

    The OpenEdge Architect (IDE) forum:

    And the architecture forum:

  • Hi Mike

    I am using the latest version of all: OpenEdge and Sonic ESB.

    When I was trying to install the Sonic ESB evaluation I got into trouble with the license keys I received by email:

    Sonic V8.0 (includes Workbench):
    SonicMQ Event Monitor:
    Sonic Deployment Manager:
    SonicMQ Continuous Availability Edition:

    If you look at the picture of the wizard, is kind of odd for me as a beginner.

    Did I miss something?



  • I'd go for the "Sonic V8.0 (includes Workbench)" key at Sonic ESB.

    For more detailed questions regarding Sonic ESB, check out the Sonic forum at