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exist a function???


exist a function???

  • exist a function that show me de total long of a field???...

    length just say me how many letters I used on a data... but what size hava that field??? can u tell me???

  • Ok, I search, but I never found it... but, the solution for my problem is this...

    def var c like customer.cust_nom.

    def var b like customer.cust_nom.

    def var ctes like customer.cust_id.

    def var i as i.

    def var d as i.

    update ctes with frame g.

    find first customer where customer.cust_id = ctes

                        no-lock no-error.

    if available customer then do:

      i = length(customer.cust_nom) + 1.

      do while(i

        i = i + 1.

        d = d + 1.

        c = c + "-".

        b = customer.cust_nom + c.

        display b.


    in OpenEdge 10.1c this is the code...

    def var c like customer.cust_nom.

    find first customer where customer.cust_cte = "45"

                        no-lock no-error.

    if available gecctecc then do:

      c = customer.cust_nom.

      c = customer.cust_nom + fill("-", (65 - length(gecctecc.c_nom))).

      display c.

    the result is this...
    Original String:
    "ROGELIO LOPEZ                                                          "
    New String:
    "ROGELIO LOPEZ----------------------------------------------------------"
  • n = length ("some string or another", "raw").

    gives you length in bytes. See the language reference.

    n = length ("some string or another", "column").

    gives length in display columns