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Give focus to the cell of a browse


Give focus to the cell of a browse

  • Is it possible to give focus to the cell of a browse?

    For instance:

    APPLY "ENTRY" TO TheWidget.

    TheWidget being a cell of a browse (type = FILL-IN).

    I tried it and it doesn't seem to work.

  • Result should be a cursor in the cell.

  • Try setting the browse's CURRENT-COLUMN attribute.

  • I'll try that first thing tomorrow.

    Problem is that in pure ABL this works:

    - Give focus to a cell of a browse.
    - Click away from the browse (on another frame for instance)
    - Give focus back to the browse
    - Focus is still in the cell.

    In .NET, this doesn't happen. Off course in .NET, if you click away from the browse, you'll probably click on a .NET Object (like another floating form). Clicking back to the form with the browse or giving focus to the browse (even with APPLY "ENTRY" TO TheBrowse) won't put the focus back in the cell.

  • Won't you need the current column and the current row? (the record has focus so maybe column is enough).

  • In that case the column should be enough.

  • Doesn't seem to work, Mike. I'll have to create a sample project to check for sure.