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Pro2 - concurrent bulkload threads


Pro2 - concurrent bulkload threads

  • We are going to do a bulkload from Pro2 and wonder how many concurrent services that can be startet. We have to databases that will be bulkloaded into SQL and when starting bulkload it give us 9 threads (if I remember correct). If I do so, it will fail after 4 started services. That has to be a license issue. 

    In the license I can see OE DataSvrfor MS SQL Svr 5 and 1 client network. Could that be the reason?

    //Geir Otto

  • The license of OE DataSvrfor MS SQL Svr (5) is not applicable for bulk-load threads. It is applicable only for replication threads.
    So, The client network license might be restricting you to use 9 bulk-load threads. Are there any errors in the bulk-load logs(bprepl/repl_mproclog/) ?
  • I think it says something like not enough resources. Is it the SQL server site or is it the progress site that restrict it?

  • it looks like a progress restriction and would relate to the licensing only.