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Daily digest?


Daily digest?

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Maybe it's only me, but then I need some help.

I try to get the daily digest to work but with no luck.

For all the groups I follow, I have set "Subscribed to daily digest". But the only thing I get from that is a mail telling me about new members. The rest of the mails, from all the groups I get in real time, so to speak.

I want to subscribe to certain forums (almost all of them) but I want the mail sent to me once a day, daily digest. Where and how can I configure this?



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  • Hi Daniel,

    Sorry for the delay!

    I looked into your settings and all looks good. So to be able for me to further investigate I used one of my test accounts (different than my admin account) and did set the daily digest... So I should get the same as you today or tomorrow...  

    Alternatively, would you be able to forward me one of the digest you got (my email is jri@progress.com).


  • Hi Daniel,

    The digests utilize knowledge of what has been visited within the site. So, for example, if you do not visit the site for a week then your digest will include what you would likely expect as the digest. If, however, you visit the community and read threads or other posts these threads/posts will be exempted from the digest as the community will believe that you've already been informed of these posts.

  • Well, that is not correct, at least not for me, I haven't been to the forum for a week and the Daily digest still keeps sending me ONLY information about who has become a member. And I still get every single post and responses in separate mails.

    So I'll just ignore that function since it doesn't work.