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Renew cookie expiration date


Renew cookie expiration date

  • Hi,

    I often find myself logged out of the community site, even if I have visited it e.g. yesterday.

    I suspect a fixed cookie expiration date that is not renewed with every visit.

    Could this be adjusted so that the cookie only expires after not visiting the site for x days?

  • I can at least confirm your observation. To me it seems that I have to login once every week (per device)

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  • It's a concern I've raised with Jean directly. I'm sure he won't mind me posting his reply:

    Hi James,

    After discussing with our IT team your suggestion, our IT guys reminded me that we originally even said the cookies should be session only for the specific purpose of not keeping active sessions around because of security concerns. In other words, what you’re asking for is quite opposite… Therefore I’m afraid we’ll probably not go down that path.

    Sorry James.


    Jean Richert

    Director – Online Community

  • I can't really follow the 'security concerns' argument, as other (similar) sites like StackOverflow keep me logged on infinitely (or so it seems).

    Even if the community site contained lots of personal or confidential information, site like Google or Facebook also keep you logged on if you don't explicitly log of...