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Progress Data Server for SQL Server

  • Hi, I have a software in progress and I want to migrate the database to SQL Server, keeping the process and gui in progress.

    Can I do that with Progress Data Server for SQL Server? Is the best choice?

    Thanks in advance.


  • Yes, but why would you want to leave the best underlying data base?

  • also, be aware that:

    - 4GL code will /mostly/ work the same with dataservers. on the other hand, performance characteristics of various database operations will be different. you may need to make some adjustments to the application. for the most part, such adjustments will also be beneficial when using the OpenEdge RDBMS.

    - you will have to learn how to configure, administer, and tune the MS SQL Server. You may have to make schema changes to optimize performance. there are different limits on things like row and column size, columns per row, and other characteristics that you will have to learn. IIRC, it does not have rowids so they have to be emulated. certain usages of rowid will work slowly.

    somewhere on this community site there are a couple of white papers that discuss these topics. unfortunately i don't remember where.