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New Community search


New Community search

  • Just in case you're not following the Community News and Feedback forum, you may have not seen the following post about our search improvements. Here is a link.

  • very nice! what order are the results listed in?

  • Through the Community search we are using 3 different search engines. So depending on which tab you are  the ordering/sorting options are different:

    For the COMMUNITY tab:
    In this tab we are using the Community search engine. 
    You have a drop-down offering you 4 sorting options: Most Relevant / Most Recent / Alphabetical / Highest Rating

    For the KB tab:
    In this tab we are using the SFDC open KB search which doesn't offer ordering options, unfortunately.

    For the SITEWIDE tab:
    Here we are using Coveo search engine.
    You have 2 possible sorting options: Relevance / Date