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 General Topics and CVP Announcements

Welcome to the Customer Validation Program (CVP)!

  • Congratulations!

    If you are reading this you have joined our Customer Validation Program and may be wondering what this is all about.

    The DataDirect product team is looking for more opportunities to interact with our customers in order to help develop a better understanding of your needs, use cases and priorities. We want to build products that drive value and can be quickly and confidently adopted. The overall goal of the CVP is to engage with our customers as early in the development process as we can. By doing that, we can ensure that we are building the features that you need to be successful!

    Our product development is organized into multiple Agile scrum teams, each led by a Product Owner, and our development activities are arranged into quarterly Program Increments. As we make incremental progress towards future product releases, you can expect to hear from Product Owners, Product Managers, Architects, User Experience Designers and others in Engineering. We will share with you what we are working on, ask you for your feedback, offer surveys, invitations for live demos, and more. We will also post content in this group and give you the opportunity to test our prototypes, preview versions of products, and provide immediate feedback.

    Please keep in mind that everything you will see and hear as a member of the CVP is subject to terms which you accepted, including non-disclosure. We will be discussing capabilities that are not currently in our shipping products, and while we adhere to high quality standards, software under development may not perform as well as production-level code. If at any time you wish to review the terms of the CVP, the link to them is posted on the right hand side on the home page.

    On behalf of the Progress, I am pleased to welcome you to the CVP and hope it will be fun and beneficial to all of us!

    Rob Straight

    Director of Product Management