Tableau allows users to customize the ODBC data source connection to provide an improved connection experience. The customization is defined via the Table datasource connection (TDC) file. A Tableau datasource connection (TDC) file defines the capabilities for a particular data source, which Tableau identifies by the vendor and driver name of the data source provider. 
Progress® DataDirect® is now providing TDC file for OpenAccess SDK ODBC driver. This file allows user to set the customizations supported by OpenAccess.

TDC file for OpenAccess ODBC Driver

Attached odbc-openaccess.tdc contains the customizations applicable to the OpenAccess driver. The connection customization section in the TDC file will have the Driver and DBMS/vendor names that the ODBC driver returns. Tableau uses this information to associate specific connection customizations with a single type of ODBC data source.
The Sample TDC is given below:


<connection-customization class='genericodbc' enabled='true' version='8.3'>

<vendor name='OpenAccess' />

<driver name='DataDirect OpenAccess SDK 8.0' />


<customization name='CAP_CREATE_TEMP_TABLES' value='no' />

<customization name='CAP_ISOLATION_LEVEL_READ_COMMITTED' value='no' />







Using Tableau with OpenAccess ODBC driver

Please follow below steps to configure and use .TDC file for OpenAccess ODBC data sources:

1.      Install OpenAccess server and ODBC client for your environment.

2.      For Tableau Desktop , copy the provided TDC file (odbc-openaccess.tdc)  at following location

C:\Users\<username>\Documents\My Tableau Repository\Datasources

3.      Restart the Tableau (close and reopen to apply the changes).

4.      In Tableau Desktop, create a new connection to OpenAccess DataSource.

5.      Open the Tableau Desktop log file ( Default location at C:\Users\<user>\Documents\My Tableau Repository\Logs\log.txt),  and look for a record similar to the example below to verify that this customization file was applied to your new connection.

Logs Verification
log file should log the .tdc file found message
Found TDC at 'C:\\Users\\Administrator\\Documents\\My Tableau Repository\\Datasources\\odbc-openaccess.tdc'.
log file should log the  customization options of TDC file 
"odbc-driver":"DataDirect OpenAccess SDK 8.0",":protocol-customizations":"<customizations>\n<customization name='CAP_CREATE_TEMP_TABLES' value='no' />\n <customizations>


This confirms that Tableau will use the customizations provided in the TDC file when working with the OpenAccess data source.



Customizing the .TDC file for Branded Driver

Please follow below steps to customize the OpenAccess .TDC file (odbc-openaccess.tdc) to work for branded ODBC drivers that are built with OpenAccess SDK.

1.      Open the provided TDC file and edit the following properties:

<vendor name='OpenAccess' />

<driver name='DataDirect OpenAccess SDK 8.0' />

<customization name='SQL_DBMS_NAME' value='OpenAccess' />

<customization name='SQL_DBMS_VER' value='08.00' />

<customization name='SQL_DRIVER_VER' value='' />


·        Vendor Name – Database Vendor Name of the ODBC Driver. This should match the value returned by driver for SQLGetInfo(“SQL_DBMS_NAME”). Change it to the value returned by IP getDSInfo(SQL_DBMS_NAME).

·        Driver name – ODBC Driver Name. This is the Driver name which is also displayed in the ODBC Administrator tool as shown below.

·        SQL_DRIVER_VER—ODBC Driver Version Information which is also displayed in the ODBC Administrator tool. It can also be get from SQLGetInfo Call “SQL_DRIVER_VER”



·        SQL_DBMS_NAME - Same as Vendor Name

·        SQL_DBMS_VER – Database version Information. This should match the value returned by driver for SQLGetInfo( Call “SQL_DBMS_VER”). Change it to the value returned by IP getDSInfo(SQL_DBMS_VER).

2.      Save the TDC file as odbc-mydb.tdc and follow the same steps mentioned for OpenAccess ODBC driver.




Environment Used

Tableau Version Used: Tableau Desktop Version 8.2
OpenAccess SDK Version: 8.0

Note: Refer to the following Tableau article to learn more on how to customize and tune ODBC connections


You can now enjoy improved functionality and performance when using Tableau!!