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Informix ODBC Failover Suggestion


Informix ODBC Failover Suggestion

  • Informix HDR (High Availability Data Replication) is a powerful tool for global systems. It operates by allowing for multiple database hosts that automatically synchronize.

    In operation, the primary host is read / write and secondary hosts are read-only.

    If you have another system (Client or Server) that utilizes the HDR database that requires read / write, it would provide a very powerful feature if the ODBC would have an option to detect and failover if the primary server that is configured is in read-only mode.

    This feature would provide automatic (no intervention) failover to a secondary host in HDR environments.

  • Thanks for the feedback.  We've heard similar feedback with respect to other clustered database environments.  Currently we only offer this kind of support against SQL Server 2012 (and higher).  Our failover implementation works great in reporting scenarios, or where the list of AlternateServers specified to the driver will always be read/write.  I'm moving this thread into the "ideas" section so others can vote on it.

  • Hi Bruce,

    May I suggest you report this suggestion in the ODBC Ideas section of our community available here.
    In such a way other users will be able to promote/demote your idea.

    Many thanks in advance.