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Data Direct Connect .Net Core

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I need a Data Direct Driver that is native .Net Core.

Currently I have to run it in compatibility mode which pretty much negates the benefits of using Core.

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  • What database(Oracle, DB2,..) are you interest in connecting with .NET Core?

  • DB2

  • Thanks for the Info!
    As of today we do not have native .NET Core drivers. We are currently tracking the interest to see how much that would be important for our customers.
    I have notified PM about your interest to track your request.
    Can you also provide some details on what interests you in the .NEt Core
    • Because its lightweight, Performance, Platform compatibility (what platforms your solution targets)
    • Also you are looking for EFCore support  or .NET Core ADO.NET Support or both.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Thanks and Regards,

    Avadhoot Kulkarni
    Lead Principal Software Engineer
    Progress Software Development Private Ltd.
  • Thanks for the reply.    We are looking to .Net Core because it is light weight, more performant and platform compatibility.  

    We are looking specifically for .Net Core ADO.Net support.  

  • Thanks, and this is Product Management btw.  To add to what Avadhoot mentioned, I'd love to better understand your use-case (as much as you can share of course). Read-only vs read-write?  Bulk processing or row-at-a-time access?   For example, you may be writing a desktop Windows application that needs to remotely access a DB2 database for some XYZ reason.  Or perhaps it is a piece of server-side software running on Linux wanting to do the same.  Or some .NET Core BI application, or ETL application, which needs a new connector architecture (we haven't seen one like this yet but good to ask just in case).  Knowing the consuming application, platform, or mid-tier architecture is always helpful in our planning.  

    Thanks again for your interest and appreciate the follow-up.


  • This is an existing application.    It is a .Net application that acts as a rest service layer for a web interface.   We do Read and Write using SQL through ADO.Net to talk to DB2 on a mid-tier server.   Currently using data direct we process 150,000 requests a day.   We recently moved it to Pivotal Cloud Foundry.     The next step is to move it to .Net Core for Speed and ease of changing to a Linux build pack.   Because DataDirect Connect for ADO.Net is not core, we will need to run the application in compatibility mode.   Running in compatibility mode causes the application space to grow exponentially as all of the .Net Dlls are included.   It also will only run on Windows.    

  • Thank you for sharing.  Very interesting use-case.  We see that use-case pattern quite a bit lately, and our Hybrid Data Pipeline product can be a solution for that.  It can connect to DB2 (even if you host it in the cloud, through an on-premises agent) and expose that as OData.  The entire solution is Java-based so it runs on Linux.  I recognize though that changing your existing application may not be reasonable or feasible at this time and that a .NET Core driver would plug in more seamlessly based on what you've written.  Since we don't have one of those today however I wanted to at least present an option.  Another option would be a roadmap acceleration through services, and if you wanted to look at that approach I can discuss further.

    In the meantime, we will reach out if we do release a DB2 .NET Core driver.  We are continuing to gauge market interest for .NET core connectivity.  Thanks again for the input - very helpful.