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Is there any experiences for the Postgres ODBC driver working with pgpool?

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  • It's not a configuration we test, but since pgpool is intended to be transparent to the client, there shouldn't be any issues.  

  • Hi Brody, thank you very much for your comments.

    We're in a trouble working with pgpool.

    It looks pgpool splits the response packets like:

    2 (bind completion): 5 bytes

    C (command completion: 1 byte

    rest of C message (i.e. INSERT 0 1) + 3 (close completion): 20 bytes

    Z (ready for query): 6 bytes

    Sometimes ODBC driver sends out the next SQL after receiving 3 and before receiving Z.

    When ODBC driver receives Z for previous SQL after sending next SQL, it looks ODBC driver thinks invalid response received.

    This might happen only during transaction but not sure.

    I'm not sure the version of the ODBC driver which we are using but I think it's a bit old and it does not depend on libpq (by using ldd).

    Does the newer version of the ODBC driver use libpq?

  • The DataDirect driver does not depend on libpq.  What build of the driver do you have?  I would encourage you obtain the latest patch release.  Support should be able to ensure you have access to the latest patch.

    It would be interesting for us to see an ODBC trace as well as a log of the network communications.  Support can also help you obtain these if needed...but it sounds like you're already looking at the network communications.  (Again, ideally this would be using the latest patch of the ODBC driver to ensure we're not looking at an issue that is already fixed).