We are currently using Stylus Studio XML Enterprise Edition X16.


For error handling, we are trying to output additional output in root directory/Results directory.

For example:

- output_ErrorFound.txt

- output_Errors.xml


We are using this function: "ddtek:serialize-to-url" to generate multiple outputs. This is learned from those examples maps and tutorials video given by Stylus Studio. While we are able to run and get the output locally on our own laptop, we are not able to get the same result on our linux server.


The jars in E2net (linux server) we are currently including from the DataDirect integration tools they are:







We tried to google around on this function and it looks like it is only supportable for xquery version 3.1 and above. Just wanted to double check whether this function is supportable in StylusStudio we purchased, can you provide us the version of the xquery in the product? Also, why we are not able to generate the multiple output on our server.


Please let us know if you need more info from us?


Btw, do you have Asia Timezone support that we can liaise with?