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INSERT with JDBC Driver

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Hi, Is possible to do something equivalent to this with JDBC driver?

INSERT INTO TableX (Field1, Field2, Field3) VALUES (1, "xxx", "A"), (2, "yyy", "A");

In developer studio fails.


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  • Afraid this is not implemented in Progress SQL, although introduced in SQL92 not many database vendors support this and others have their own approaches like Oracle's INSERT ALL in PL/SQL :)

  • Off the top of my head, I cannot answer this question for all databases. However, I am aware of support for this syntax in PostgreSQL. I imagine that this means that Redshift and Greeplum also support it.

    As for the more traditional databases (Oracle, SQLServer, etc.), I don't really know. A search and scan of the SQL syntax reference guides for those databases will likely answer your question.

    Are you interested in using this syntax mostly for OpenEdge? If so, take a look at the OpenEdge SQL syntax reference guide at:

    On page 39 of that guide, the INSERT syntax is summarized. It does NOT seem to suggest support for that syntax.

    Hope this helps.