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Sample REST Source giving unusual errors.


Sample REST Source giving unusual errors.

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After installing the REST IP Generator, I attempted to connect to the Sample REST Source given in the user guide. after altering the oacreate_marvelservice.bat file to include my machine's username and the private and the private/public keys from the developer site, I ran the BAT file and received two errors. The two errors I receive are [OpenAccess error 3061] Authorisation failure, and [OpenAccess error 6854] Failed to cache configuration information. The only mention I found of error 3061 was for a MMC Snap-in, and I could not find anything related to error 6854. Does anyone have suggestions on tacking this issue? I originally posted this in the openedge development forum and was kindly informed that the issue fit more into this forum.

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    It looks like the script is unable to connect to the OA agent. Can you check what is the ServiceAdminAuthMethods  you are using?

    Also can you provide the oadm.ini file. It will be under the folder <OA install dir>/cfg/

  • Alternatively you can comment the line 121 in oacreate_marvelservice.bat. It will generate a file called 'Marvel.ini'.

    You open the command prompt <OA install dir>/admin/oacla.exe and run each of the command from 'Marvel.ini'.



  • You might try turning off authentication for the OA Management Console and OA Command Line Administration:

  • Raghu,

    I have attached the oadm file to the original post. As for the service auth methods, I have changed then to anonymous and everyone as suggested by a ticket I read, as well as linked in another post. This was unsuccessful, however, as I still get the same two errors.

  • Hi,

    Hope you have restarted the OpenAccess Agent Service after the changes to the ServiceAdminAuthMethods.

    Could please try connecting to the Agent from CommandLineAdministrator(CLA), which is located in <install-dir>\admin\oacla.exe

    1. Run oacla.exe

    2. Enter command "alc"

    Please check if you are getting any authorization error

  • Ravikiran,

    I ran oacla.exe, and after entering my computer username and password, I received the same errors. There was also errors involving saving the configuration to the agent. After multiple restarts of my system as well as the service, the agent finally saved after the restart. However, all variables are now interpreted as "".

  • Hi,

    After the restart, Hope you are able to connect to the OA Agent without any issues.

    And about 'However, all variables are now interpreted as "".', I couldn't understand completely.

    Are you seeing any issues in connecting to the REST IP service.

    Please send us the updated "oadm.ini" file for more investigation.