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  • error install odbc.doc

    We Are  trying to install EVAL Copy ODBC for AIX 7.1 and we get this problema....

    Many Thanks in Advanced

  • Hi Pedrom,

    I'd suggest attempting to install to your user's home directory.  I can't say I've ever seen the error you're seeing, but my initial thought is that it may be permissions related.  Installing to your home directory should help rule out a permissions issue.



  • Pedrom,

    This error can indeed be seen if you install the driver in the same directory as in which you are running the installer. Can you make sure they are different?

    Kind regards,


  • Does the /opt/Progress/DataDirect/Connect64_for_ODBC_71 directory already exist? If so, does this customer have previously installed drivers there or is the directory there from a previously failed install? Does the installation succeed if they choose a different directory for the install?

    If these ideas do not pan out, please provide more details on the output you see during the install process.



  • Dear All,

    We did two Diferents Directories (One Directory for Unpack and another to install ODBC) and the Drivers ODBC were installed with success.

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