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Connecting to Pervasive

  • While trying to create a new System DSN entry for the Btrive Driver provided on the 64 bit connect, I got some missing DLL errors which I overcame by getting the files. I am now not sure if the files I provided were not the right ones or what, but after I create the entry and give it the DDF files drectory it says it's connecting successful but I still cannot connect to it.
  • Hi, can you provide some more details like:

    Which DLL files did you copy and where?

    And how did you try to connect (using ODBC administrator or the ODBC test tool) ?

    Is there any error message at the end?

  • pscore3.dll, pscl3.dll, and wbtrv32.dll. To System32 and SYSWOW64. The installers I tried here got me the 32 and 64 bit drivers installed, but on the 32bit I did not see a driver for Betrieve. If I ran odbcad32 from system32 I got not Betrieve Option. I downloaded the package Connect for ODBC for windows64 bit. I had first been directed to the XE for ODBC but I did not see the Betrieve option there. I tested only using the ODBC admnistrator test tool and with the application that is connecting to it. Both say there's a connection, but it does not look like it. Maybe I am doing something wrong elsewhere, I am just not sure what the setup usually is. What are the suggestions for connecting to Pervasive DBs.

  • >> Both say there's a connection, but it does not look like

    Do you mean you are not able to execute any SQL query ? is there any error that makes you think that you are not connected to the DB?

  • I think the problema is not with the progress driver. I think the problem is my understanding of how Pervasive Works and how I set it up. Also considering the data I have is from a very old version.