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SQL Client Access vs DataDirect drivers


SQL Client Access vs DataDirect drivers

  • Hi!

    What difference between free SQL Client Access drivers and DataDirect drivers?



  • Just to make sure we are on the same page I believe you are referring to the IBM Client Access product for iSeries.  Architecturally, our Connect for ODBC driver for DB2 uses a different communication protocol, DRDA, to communicate with the database.  This allows one driver can be used to connect to DB2 on any platfom, LUW, iSeris or z/OS.  The Client Access driver only connects to iSeries.  I have also seen the Client Access driver connect to multiple ports on the iSeries depending on how it is being used whereas the Connect driver only connects to a single server side port.  The Connect driver is focused on on providing standards based (ODBC, JDBC, .Net) data access and does not provide other means of access such as a terminal emulator.

  • The ODBC and JDBC drivers that we provide with OpenEdge for access to the OpenEdge RDBMS /are/ DataDirect drivers. They cannot be used for access to other databases. For some time now (since V10) we have been providing those drivers at no cost. You can get them by download from the ESD site.

  • I was told by my tech rep last year that the drivers that come with OE 10.2B and 11.0 are Type 4, ODBC & JDBC.  OE 11.1 has Type 5 JDBC and Type 7 ODBC.  I don't have specifics on 11.2 and later.  Hope this helps.

  • So there is no difference between drivers DataDirect, which are contained in the SQL Client Access and DataDirect  drivers which is sold separately for OpenEdge? This is the same drivers?

    In what cases I should buy a DataDirect driver for ODBС / JDBC to connect to the OpenEdge?

  • I wouldn't say there is never a difference.  There may be a difference between what DD is shipping in its current version and what is provided in-box for the version of OE you currently use.

  • To thoroughly address the question of if the drivers are the same: An OpenEdge database release will typically pick up the latest and greatest version of the DataDirect driver.  Meanwhile, within a DataDirect release, the OpenEdge driver may be enhanced with some new functionality.  On premise OpenEdge and DataDirect Connect releases are not synchronized, so there will be periods of time where the latest DataDirect release of the OpenEdge driver is not available alongside the OpenEdge database (ie within the SQL Client Access package).

    As an OpenEdge customer, you may decide to purchase the DataDirect driver if new functionality was added in a DataDirect release and you're anxious to obtain and utilize the new feature.  However, the typical customer purchasing the DataDirect OpenEdge driver is an application vendor embedding multiple DataDirect ODBC/JDBC drivers to provide their users access to a variety of databases.

  • Thanks to everyone, now I have the understanding of it.