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DB Alias for ODBC Data Source


DB Alias for ODBC Data Source

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We have a customer that uses Crystal Reports and Business Objects to retrieve data from our OE database(s) using the Progress OpenEdge 11.7 Driver.

With a recent major release we merged their 3 databases into 1 database, and within OE we just use the ALIAS option to reference the 3 databases.

Is their a way to do this for the ODBC definitions as well?

All their Crystal Reports have the DSN Database Name 'hardcoded' and thus it will require all the report to be opened, changed and saved.

And once that has been done, each of the reports needs to be manually re-sheduled to ensure the new reports are used.

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  • I had a quick conversation with one of our OpenEdge experts, Mike Furgal, and unfortunately, he and I are unaware of a way to do this for ODBC which uses the OE SQL interface.