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Connection to Linux MS SQL 2017


Connection to Linux MS SQL 2017

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I search other posts about connection to a Linux RHEL Ms SQL 2017 server with no success, so my apology if the question was already asked.

I already downloaded the connector but before installing it I would like to know if it was ever tested before ?

Currently, I'm using the Odbc connector supplied by Microsoft but it seems that there is an issue converting Hebrew characters. Or may be I'm not configuring my environment correctly.

Microsoft supplies a load tool called bcp, this tool can either use the Native connection or an Odbc connection.

Both of them corrupts the characters, the single connector which is not corrupting the characters is the oledb but this means using windows to load my data, and I wonder about performance in case of heavy tables load.

Can someone spread a bit light over this ?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Currently the certification of the ODBC driver with MS SQL Server on Linux with Progress Datadirect Connect for ODBC SQL Server Wire Protocol driver is in progress.

    Our day one support policy suggest that, we accept the defects (if any) on the new version of databases even when our certification is not complete with them.

    So, I would encourage you to try the driver and report us if you have any issues.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Avadhoot Kulkarni
    Lead Principal Software Engineer
    Progress Software Development Private Ltd.