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Replication from MS SQL Server to Oracle


Replication from MS SQL Server to Oracle

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We're currently replicating data from our MS SQL Server (2008 R2) to Oracle 12. Therefore we're using the Oracle driver, but this is giving a very worse performance.

So we're now looking into another driver/connector to perform this replication. So that's why I ran into Progress DataDirect Connect.

Is it possible to use this product, and does anyone have any references for this? We want to be implement this one so that it gives us a performance boost.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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  • Are you looking to use an ODBC or JDBC driver? How are you transferring the data?  Are you using a particular ETL tool?

    Our drivers support the use of the Bulk Protocol for Oracle which should help improve the performance of this replication if utilized correctly.  Have you downloaded the datadirect driver yet?  You can select the desired API (ODBC, JDBC, etc) from the following page then download and install an eval of the driver.