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  • Currently we are using Open Access SDK V6.3 and trying to upgrade to v7.3; We generate redistributable code and use in our Products.

    Here are my questions -

    1. Is there direct upgrade possible?

    2. I got the Keys for Server, Client and Local. I am trying to understand about "Local" What it means and where I can use it?


  • 1. You can certainly upgrade from 6.x to 7.x, and I recommend contacting support for specific guidance.  

    2. The local configuration is another distribution option for the ODBC drivers built using the SDK such that there is a single dll loaded by the application.  You can find additional details in our docs:

    Local Configuration

    In DataDirect OpenAccess SDK local configuration, the Client for ODBC, the Local Server, and the IP code are all loaded into the client application's process. Data transfers among the various components occur directly through memory.

    Figure 1-2. OpenAccess SDK Local ArchitectureLocal configuration, with the ODBC Client and Local Server, SQL engine, interface provider, and data source.

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