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DataDirect ODBC for EnterpriseDB 9.3


DataDirect ODBC for EnterpriseDB 9.3

  • Hello,

    I am facing the same error than in the Progress KB article number: 000004345
    ODBC PostgreSQL Wire Protocol driver]The Connect Series for ODBC PostgreSQL Wire Protocol driver is only licensed to connect to PostgreSQL
    databases. You are attempting to connect to the following type of server: EnterpriseDB ...
    In this article, it is said that
    "The PostgreSQL Wire Protocol driver does not support any PostgreSQL database that has EnterpriseDB in the version string."
    and that an enhancement has been raised as "Enhancement PSC00053166".

    Do you know if it is just a licensing problem ? a support problem ?
    Couldn't we force the driver to work with EnterpriseDB 9.3 ?

    Do you know if there any update about potential enhancement of the driver ?
    Could we expect the enhancement in a next version of the driver ?


  • Hi,

    I have reviewed the article and the enhancement and I can confirm PostgreSQL Enterprise DB is not supported by our Connect for ODBC driver.

    What I suggest is that you file an idea thru the community (See for more info) to request support for PostgreSQL Enterprise DB.

    Kind regards,