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On Premise Connector Performance


On Premise Connector Performance

  • First, kudos to Sumit Sarkar on his great presentation DataDirect Cloud On Premise Connector to OpenEdge from a SaaS application. It was great to see Sumit use the on-premise connector to update the data and immediately see it updated in the report which was also using the on-premise connector to query for data.

    The topic of this post is performance. I wanted to comment on the question that was brought up during the Q&A in Sumit's presentation. The question was about handling large data sets with the on-premise connector. Sumit correctly pointed out that it's no different than other cases in which you pull data across the network, but I wanted add an important point which is that if the reporting tool is filtering and aggregating data, then DataDirect Cloud can pass the query to the data source and perform the filtering and aggregation at the data source. The only data that needs to be sent back is the summary results which can be orders of magnitude shorter.

    For example, if the report summarizes sales for this year by customer, then it might return hundreds of rows (one per customer) rather than tens of thousands (every transaction).

    Full disclosure note: I'm the author of Explore Analytics, the cloud based reporting tool that Sumit was showing.

  • Great point! Anytime you can pass the work on to the source server and reduce network traffic is a plus for performance.