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Using Informatica Cloud with DD SF driver - "Unknown SQL Type for field [ACCOUNT.DESCRIPTION]: -10"


Using Informatica Cloud with DD SF driver - "Unknown SQL Type for field [ACCOUNT.DESCRIPTION]: -10"

  • Has anyone run into an error when trying to use the Data Direct Cloud ODBC Beta connection against Informatica Cloud?    When I try to add any object to my screen, I get the following error:

    "Unknown SQL Type for field [ACCOUNT.DESCRIPTION]: -10"

    My guess is that Informatica doesn't know how to interpret the field being returned in the call (although I don't see a field called "DESCRIPTION" in the Account object).  Screenshot is attached.

  • Hi Jarred,

    Just to let you know that your question is currently under review by our Support team and will be updated shortly.

    Best regards


  • Hi Jarret,

    The DataDirect Cloud ODBC driver by default maps character columns to either WVARCHAR(-9) or WLONGVARCHAR (-10) because the DataDirect Cloud always returns character data as Unicode (UTF-8). The connection option EnableWCharSupport can be used to cause the driver to map character columns to VARCHAR(12) or LONGVARCHAR(-1) instead of the default behavior.

    Set EnableWCharSupport to 0 in the ODBC data source to have the driver not use the W types for character columns.

    Refer to KB article 000038992: "Unknown SQL Type for field [ACCOUNT.DESCRIPTION]: -10" error accessing the Salesforce ACCOUNT table using DataDirect Cloud ODBC driver regarding setting this option to resolve this error.


  • Hi Rashmi,

    Thank you for walking me through the problem and helping me to set up the registry settings for my ODBC driver.  As we've discussed, there's an additional issue in trying to translate the CASE object.  Screenshot is attached.

    Thank you again!


  • Hi Jarrett,

    I will be creating a new forum thread for the second error "Unknown SQL Type for field [CASE.ISCLOSED]: 1111" you reported.