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SForce Inactive Organization Error


SForce Inactive Organization Error

  • Hello,

    We are getting an error while requesting data against a SFDC datasource. It was working fine until now and we do not understand why it is no longer working.

    Below the error message:

    [DataDirect][DDCloud JDBC Driver][SForce]INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS: Inactive Organization: 00DZ00000007zu1 in statement [select * from LEAD where LEADSOURCE='Wiser POC moTwin']

    We have tried on different SFDC account but the problem remains the same.

    As it is for an important POC that will be demonstrate in couple hours, that would be great if we can get a quick answer from you :-)

    Thanks a lot.

  • Pascal,

    Do you see this error with both the JDBC driver and the query tester in the Web UI?

    Also, as the message about insufficient privelages seems to be coming for Salesforce have contacted them to determine of something has changed with your account?  If your account is OK they may be able to tell us what is being sent via the driver that is causing this error?

    When is your POC scheduled to take place?


  • Thanks Bruce for looking into that.

    It now seems that the error is related to this specific SFDC account. Recreating the mapping led to a new exception (INVALID_LOGIN).

    We are switching to a new datasource to go around that.

    We will keep you posted.


  • Ok, reply back here with your progress and let us know if you need further assistance.


  • Hi Pascal,

    Hope you are fine.

    I was wondering if you have any update on your progress ?

    Best regards