Thanks a lot for getting back to me. I've verified your suggested reasons for the authentication failure:

- I've verified that this user has sufficient priviliges, Moreover I've created a new user in "Microsoft Office 365 Admin Portal", as suggested in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM itself, and I've changed this user's roles multiple times (from 'no administration access' to 'global administrator'); I have also tested the admin account, but I stlil get the timeout error when testing the connection;

- credentials are in a proper format, as both of the users were created in Office 365 recently, when I started testing Dynamics CRM

Is there anything like "debug" mode of your connection testing feature, that I could take advantage of?

Also, do you have any kind of tutorial (that was verified recently, with the latest version of Dynamics CRM) that would showcase the simple scenario of connecting with the trial account in Dynamics CRM ? I've seen your tutorial that was posted few years ago, but I'm stuck at the connection testing phase, unfortunately, although I'm doing exactly the same steps as described in the tutorial.

Best Regards,