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How to connect Data Direct Cloud to Tableau?


How to connect Data Direct Cloud to Tableau?

  • We're planning on using Data Direct to connect our Rollbase data to Tableau. A data source has already been created to access the data from Rollbase. I've configured the General and OData settings so I can access it in Tableau. The data in Data Direct Cloud can't be accessed from Tableau, though. Am I missing something?

    I tried using 2 options to connect:

    1. OData - It looks like the data is not supported by Tableau. 
    2. Other Databased (ODBC) > DataDirect Cloud 2.0 - I'm using the correct DataDirect credentials but Tableau is not validating it correctly.

    I filed a separate support case to Tableau but I'm also hoping you can assist me on this.



  • Hi Godfrey,

    I found a description of this error in a previous reported case. This might help:

    "Tableau is different than most other OData clients that I have used in that it wants the URL to a specific entity (table). Most other OData clients are looking for the root URL of the service. To specify a URL for Tableau, copy the OData Service URL from the Data Source configuration screen and then add the name of the table you want Tableau to use. For example I have a data source named SQLServerOPTest and I want to add the Customer table then I would specify the URL

    Note that I have to use the name of the OData entity that maps to the table and the case of the entity name must match. For example in my database the name of the table is Customer. In the OData model the name that is exposed is pluralized so I must us the name Customers. Tableau will successfully access the data when a URL with the entity name appended to the root URL is used

    To see the name of the entities exposed by the OData service, submit a GET request to the root URL for the service. You can enter

    either in a browser or in a REST tool such as Postman. For my service the response is


    <collection href="Customers">

    Kind regards,


  • Hi Hans,

    I didn't know the table needs to be specified in the Tableau configuration. The data from Rollbase can now be accessed from Tableau. :)

    Thank you very much for you help!