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Eloqua - Available Fields no longer match the Eloqua Field setup


Eloqua - Available Fields no longer match the Eloqua Field setup

  • I just tried to re-run a query I've used in the past several times that connects to our Eloqua instance and it appears as if the the column names now available in DataDirect Cloud no longer match what I see in the Eloqua Fields and Views setup. In particular, I used to have a query on the Accounts table that included a column named M_STATE_PROV, but in DDC it now does not show. There is now a column showing up in DDC that is called PROVINCE, but I get an error when I try to use that instead.

    Is this a known issue? 

    I'm going to contact Eloqua/Oracle support as well.

  • The M_STATE_PROV is a user defined column. I would check whether it's available in the eloqua and ensure it's not removed.

  • It has been there up until a few weeks ago (the last time I used the query). It is definitely still in Eloqua as a valid field, and there is NOT one called PROVINCE at all.

  • The release 3.5.2 of Datadirect cloud has the following changes ( release notes have this ). Following is the list of deprecated columns along with their equivalents that can be used the queries

    Table      Deprecated Column Equivalents Column

    Account        M_BUSPHONE           businessPhone

    Account        M_COMPANYNAME   name

    Account        M_DATECREATED   createdAt

    Account        M_DATEMODIFIED   updatedAt

    Account        M_STATE_PROV   province

    Account        M_ZIP_POSTAL           postalCode

    CONTACT C_BUSPHONE           businessPhone



    CONTACT C_STATE_PROV           province

    CONTACT C_ZIP_POSTAL           postalCode

  • Thank you for that information. Do I also need to update the ODBC driver on my local computer for this to work correctly?

  • No. i would like to know the error you are getting when you try to query using province column

  • it seems as though I still had the two "offending" columns (or at least one) in my query. I removed them both and it now works. Thank you.