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Where I can get ERD for Eloqua? I’m mainly looking for the Relation of the Activity table/object with others but a complete ERD will be useful for later needs.

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  • Hi Dinesh,
    We recommend you refer to the Eloqua documentation from Oracle to get details of the relationships of the Eloqua Objects.
    The D2C Eloqua driver exposes the Object model exposed by Eloqua REST API.
    The Activity_XX tables have references to CAMPAIGN and CONTACT objects and the ID of the Campaign and Contact are exposed as CAMPAIGNID and CONTACTID fields.
    Hope this helps.
  • Hi Prasanna,

    Thanks for the response. one more question - There are 2 ID in Contact Table of Eloqua.

    1. ID - Contact.ID
    2. Eloqua Contact ID - ContactIDExt

    which on these should be used to link contact with other Eloqua objects?

    What I think ID is the unique record identifier. but not sure about the use of "ELoqua Contact ID" (ContactIDExt).



  • Hi Dinesh,
    ID is the “Unique ID” for the Contact
    CONTACTIDEXT is the “External” system that is configured with your Eloqua instance and this can be the “SFDC ContactID”
    Since the Driver exposes fields of Eloqua, it is best to refer to Oracle Eloqua documentation