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Unable to Connect to local oracle installation


Unable to Connect to local oracle installation

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I have installed Progress Data Direct Cloud On Premise Connector to connect my local Oracle installation with Progress Data Direct Cloud.But I am getting Error:Connector Id 69ba7a11-a57e-41e6-8959-edf210402843 does not exist or you are not the owner of it.Attached is the log from path-C:\Program Files\Progress\DataDirect\Cloud_OnPremise_Connector\opdh\logs.Could you please help me fix the error ASAP

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  • I downloaded Progress Data Direct Cloud On Premise Connector again and it worked fine

  • Glad to hear that you were able to get it successfully working.  Please let us know if you experience any other problems.

  • Hi Jeff,

    Please let me know if Progress DataDirect Connect can transform the data before it sends the data to external system.Lets say we have two fields First Name and Last Name in Oracle and I want to see a field Full Name in Salesforce that shows me First Name+" "+Last Name.Can I do this concatenation in your tool?



  • If you are using the ODBC or JDBC driver to access the data source you can do that transformation in the SQL that is submitted to Data Direct Cloud.   For example if I have an Employee table with the fields id, firstname and last name, I can combine the first and last name columns using the following SQL query

    select id, concat(firstname, concat(' ', lastname)) as name from employee.

    DataDirect Cloud does not currently have a modeler to allow you to define the transformations in the product.

  • In addition to Mark's SQL approach, if you want to do more advanced transforms and shaping your data, you can also try Progress Easyl.  Easyl is built on top of D2C, but adds capabilities like data blending and calculated columns to help prepare your data the way you need.  Currently it is in beta but open to try.  Calculated columns will be added shortly and is in active development as we speak - that will allow you to do string manipulation by defining a new calculated column that is a concat of first and last name.