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Google Analytics Authentication


Google Analytics Authentication

  • In the latest release of DataDirect Cloud, we have simplified the configuration process for Google Analytics data sources significantly.  We have integrated the OAuth functionality into our data source configuration dialogs.  

    In order to get started after naming your data source, you need to create an OAuth profile for Google Analytics.  To do so, choose Create New Profile from within the OAuth Profile Name dialog box.  Once you have named your data source and your profile, a new button should appear that allows you to authorize the profile with Google Analytics.  Click this button and you will be redirected to a Google web page that will prompt you for your Google Analytics login information.  Next you will see a page where DataDirect Cloud is requesting permission for read-only access to your data (if you are already logged into Google Analytics, then the prompt will be skipped and you will be taken directly to the permissions page).  If you click accept, then DataDirect Cloud will receive the OAuth tokens from Google and store those tokens with your OAuth profile.  This profile can be shared by multiple data sources.

    At this point, DataDirect Cloud has permission to access your Google Analytics data using OAuth and will present a list of Default View Names and Segments for you to select from.  These will be used by default in queries from DataDirect Cloud to Google Analytics.  At this point, your connection should be configured and ready for testing.

  • i have a problem with OAuth authentication. I created a profile name but when try to authorize with google, i get an error saying that "An error has occurred while fetching the view name(s) and segment(s). Try again."


  • It seems that you don't have Google Analytics account created. Please create a Google Analytics account with some gmail address and use the same gmail account while Authorizing with Google.

  • yeah !! That solved the issue.

    thank you