Are you having trouble connecting to Oracle Service Cloud?  There are 4 configuration parameters that are required for creating a data source that connects to Oracle Service Cloud.  They are Oracle Service Cloud Login URL, Interface, User Id and Password.

The value that should be entered for Oracle Service Cloud Login URL is actually the base URL that you enter into the browser for your Oracle Service Cloud site.  This value should not include http:// or https://.  For example, if your site is, then you should just enter for the Login URL.  This value should not be the SOAP endpoint for the site.

The value for Interface that should be entered is the name of the Interface to which you want to connect.  DataDirectCloud will use the value entered for the Login URL in conjunction with the value entered for the Interface configuration parameters in order to construct the URL for the SOAP endpoint.

You also need to configure the User ID and Password for your Oracle Service Cloud account in order for DataDirect Cloud to authenticate the SOAP API.

Please refer to the following documentation for more information: