With the latest release of DataDirect Cloud, the behavior of the Default View connection option has changed.  Default View has been moved from being a connection option to being a part of the Map Options connection option.  This means that any value that was previously entered for the Default View connection option needs to be updated in the Map Options of your DataDirect Cloud data source.

The reason for this change is due to the fact that Google Analytics has fields which get expanded based upon whether the view has access to premium content.  This means that changing the name of the default view changes which columns are exposed by DataDirect Cloud.  As a result, this affects how DataDirect Cloud builds the relational map which is used to expose tables and columns in Google Analytics.  

Please remember that any change to the Map Options requires that you force DataDirect Cloud to rebuild the map for Google Analytics.  This can be accomplished by setting the Create Mapping connection option to forceNew and clicking on Update and Test in the data source dialog.  You can then set Create Mapping back to none or not exist and update your data source to continue using Google Analytics.