If you want to use Excel PowerPivot to import tables using D2C On-Premise Hive Apache data source, here is some workaround that you may want to consider if you have a String type defined in the tables.

The column size of the String type is 2147483647 by default. We need to set some connection options to work around the large column size for the String type otherwise you may get the “String data right truncated” errors fetching String columns 

First, make sure the D2C Hive On-Premise data source’s Extended Options set StringDescribeType=varchar (or without setting it since varchar is the default value). So the String type will be described as SQL_VARCHAR or SQL_WVARCHAR (when the D2C ODBC driver sets the option EnableWCharSupport=1).

Second, add the option MaxVarcharSize=255 (or a positive integer) to the D2C ODBC data source.  MaxVarcharSize controls the D2C ODBC driver describes the column size for SQL_VARCHAR and SQL_WVARCHAR columns from both result set metadata and catalog functions.