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Usage numbers alarmingly high, need hourly/daily usage history, notifications


Usage numbers alarmingly high, need hourly/daily usage history, notifications

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This week we opened up Data Direct and discovered that the Usage shows 71GB out of our allotted 2 GB. This is absurdly high for an 11MB data store. My questions are as follows:

1. How can we get our usage history from Data Direct Cloud? We need to know when and how quickly that number got that high.

2. How can we set who gets notified when we approach or exceed our usage limit? Nobody involved with the project was notified in this case, to our knowledge.

3. Is there any chance this number is in error on the part of Data Direct Cloud?

4. We investigated this in the first place because the Data Direct Cloud connections grew from a couple connections on the target database system to taking up all available connections on the database (maximum was 60) all at once on Wednesday night. No changes were made to the consumer or target systems at the time. Is there any reason Data Direct might have done this, and could this behavior be related?

5. If we have to discuss any of this directly with Progress, what means of communication is recommended and what information do we need to have on hand? Progress' support network seems to require a serial number in order to be able to join in the first place, which doesn't seem relevant for a cloud product.


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  • Darrell,

    I was able to take a look at your DataDirect Cloud activity and it seems that while your daily data usage as been increasing gradually over time on 9/24 there was a sudden and dramatic increase in usage.  That's possibly related to your observed increase in the number of connections.  I think opening a support case would be best at this point so you can work directly with a support engineer to determine what has caused this increase in activity.

    I checked your account and you are already enabled to open cases online via our technical support portal, SupportLink.  Please click on the "Log/Manage Case" link from and try to log in the the same credentials you use to access DataDirect Cloud.  If you're not able to log in that way, please post an update here and I will ask someone to look in to it.



  • Thanks for the response, Bruce! When I log in to the support site, I am taken to the "ProgressLink Access Request" page. From here, I am guided to the Progress SupportLink section, where it has the required fields Customer Number and Software Serial Number.

  • Darrell,

    We have opened a support case for you and will follow up through the case.

    Regards, Libby