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Customer Fields on Custom Object


Customer Fields on Custom Object

  • I have SOME custom fields that we added to a custom object in Salesforce, and I cannot see them in the JDBC columns data for the table. 

    Some of the fields I can see (that were created the same way some time ago) .

    Security is wide open (read only, all visible).. same for all fields.

    Is there any kind of "refresh" that needs to happen? I tried updating the datasource and reconnecting.. no difference.

    Thx. Rick.

  • Hi Rick,

    In the Salesforce datasource, under Mapping tab, can you set create Mapping = Force New and let us know if that helps?
  • That worked, thanks very much!

  • The reason that this worked is that DataDirect Cloud caches the metadata associated with your Salesforce ORG the first time it connects to Salesforce.  Unfortunately, the Salesforce API does not give us a way to tell if the metadata has changed, so it is up to the user to tell us when to regenerate the cached metadata.  The metadata is cached because calls to retrieve the metadata are expensive and some applications do not want to occur the overhead of retrieving the metadata during the initial connection to Salesforce.  

    If your application is not sensitive to metadata changes and this is just a development time effort, then we suggest setting Create Mapping = notExist once the development of the changes to your org is complete.

    If your application is sensitive to metadata changes, then we still suggest setting Create Mapping = notExist and instead using the option Refresh Schema.  This is a check box on the mapping tab.  Due to implementation details in the Salesforce connectivity component, this is the preferred method for applications that are sensitive to metadata changes.