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Configure Social media like facebook/twitter


Configure Social media like facebook/twitter

  • Hi all,

    Can we configure facebook/twitter on Data direct cloud just like we configure databases (mysql, sql server etc) on Data direct cloud? I am new to Data direct cloud. Please suggest How can we achieve this? Where to look for the solution to this problem?



  • At this moment we are not offering drivers to connect to facebook/twitter from DataDirect Cloud . Please get in touch with our PM team so that they can prioritize this.  
  • So is there anyway in Data Direct cloud product family like(Progress Data Direct Connect, Data Direct Data Integration Suite) through which we could configure social sites?

  • Hi Shilpi,

    Thank you for your interest in Progress DataDirect and our data connectivity solutions! Currently, we do not have out-of-the-box connectivity to Facebook or Twitter. Here is a list of what we offer today:

    We do offer an SDK, to reduce the development effort required to build a new connector, in case that is of interest to you.

    As we look to prioritize new connectors, it would be helpful to understand more about your specific use case. How will you be using the connectivity?

    Be well,



    Matthew Monahan
    Progress Software

  • Hi Matthew,

    I have connected Sql server data sore on Data direct cloud. Now I am really interested to connect social media through data direct cloud.. But unfortunately there is no way to connect facebook through data direct cloud.