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Not able to connect to Oracle Cloud


Not able to connect to Oracle Cloud

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I'm trying to establish connection to Oracle db cloud services but i'm getting the following error 

[d2c][JDBC Cloud driver][Oracle Service Cloud]General error: com.ctc.wstx.exc.WstxParsingException: Expected type START_ELEMENT, current type DTD at [row,col {unknown-source}]: [1,14]

Any suggestion ?


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  • I've seen that error when the "Oracle Service Cloud Login URL" parameter of the data source configuration contains extra characters that aren't expected. This parameter should contain the Host Name portion of the Oracle Service Cloud URL, like "", and not a full URL as you might type in a web browser, like "".

  • We're also experiencing the error message described in mhelal's post (started around 13:00 GMT today - been using oracle service cloud connector for just over a month with no problems).

    Oracle have confirmed that they made a change to the soap endpoint for environments "last night" and we've been able to re-establish web service connectivity but still getting same error message via datadirect

  • Can you tell me the name of your data source and the DataDirect Cloud user ID that you use when you encounter this error?

  • Hi Jeff, Data Source OSC and User ID c0nn3ctor

    (We're Running a Trial Account Whilst  WE Complete Our Assessment)

  • The change that Oracle recently made is to disallow access to the SOAP API when an incorrect interface name is specified.  Can you double check that you have configured your data source to use the correct interface name?

  • Just Checked And That Hasn't Changed Since Earlier Today (Apols For The Capitalization - Phone Seems Happier Doing That Add I'm Typing ;)

    I'll Double-Check With Oracle What Values Should Be Set In The Cloud Connector Parameters - As I Said In Earlier Post, This Was Working Perfectly Until 1Pm)

  • Ok, checked in agent desktop this morning and oracle changed our interface name yesterday - when I use that value I get a new error message "The configuration options used to open the database do not match the options used to create the database" - if I put in an invalid User Id I get a "User not found" response so it does seem to be connecting.

    Just realised when I create a new data source record I CAN now connect - are previous values cached in ddc?

  • That error can be resolved by setting Create Mapping to Force New in the Advanced tab of your data source and then performing a test connect in the web UI. After the connection is successful, be sure to set Create Mapping back to the default value of Not Exist, or the metadata will be rebuilt on every new connection.

  • David's suggestion is the way to correct the problem with "The configuration options used to open the database do not match the options used to create the database".  The reason for this is that DataDirect Cloud is caching the metadata from the Oracle Service Cloud site as it maps the objects in Oracle Service Cloud into a relational model.  Since you had to change the interface name, the driver treats this as having to connect to a different site and requires that the metadata be fetched again and the relational model regenerated.

  • That's great guys, thanks for clarifying - really appreciate your support on this