Progress Software is proud to announce the release of Corticon 6.0! With this release, we have introduced major new features, improved usability and fixed many known defects. See the Corticon documentation for more details:

Corticon 6.0 release highlights


REST Data Access

Corticon 6.0 adds a new REST datasource, allowing you to retrieve data from REST services for enriching the data payload being processed by your rules. Whether you’re accessing an internal REST service to retrieve claimant information or an external supplier to get order details, Corticon’s REST datasource opens REST services to your rules. Combined with Corticon’s existing database access abilities, you can create rule applications that unite data from your critical datasources to meet your rule processing demands.


Simpler & Faster .NET Architecture

Corticon 6.0 delivers a new architecture for Corticon .NET that increases performances by as much as 3x or more. Whether you deploy Corticon to IIS or embed Corticon in your custom .NET application, the faster performance will benefit your most performance demanding rule applications. Gone is the previous approach of cross-compiling from Java to .NET. With simple configuration settings you can now easily deploy Corticon .NET into your .NET platform and applications.

Further details of these and other changes can be found in the “New in Corticon 6” documentation available on the Corticon information hub. Please discuss any questions regarding this release with Progress Technical Support using the SupportLink portal at


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