Corticon 5.7 release highlights 

Batch Rule Processing

Corticon 5.7 delivers new capabilities to efficiently address your batch rule processing challenges. Batch rule processing is ideal when you have big data rule processing needs such as cost and quality analysis or financial trade compliance that occur on demand or a schedule basis such as nightly or monthly. Using Corticon batch processing capabilities with Corticon’s Advanced Data Connector (ADC) you can fine tune queries for data access for maximum throughput.

Multiple Database Connectivity

Corticon 5.7 adds the ability to access multiple database from your business rules. This expands your data access options and gives new flexibility in architecting your rules business rule deployment. You can now add multiple instances of Corticon’s Advanced Data Connector (ADC) to the rule flows in a project and use Corticon’s powerful vocabulary mapping capabilities to map between the data model in your rule vocabulary and the external databases. An example would be healthcare rules that read patient information from one database, procedure details from a second and writes billing information to a third.

Richly Documented Rule Assets

Corticon 5.7 adds new capabilities allowing you to add comments to any asset in your rule projects and discrete items within them such as individual rules or conditions. This powerful mechanism for documenting your business rules allows you to explain purpose of each item for later reference or new team members, to identify incomplete work or work needing review, and to map rule logic to specific business requirements.

Further details of these and other changes can be found in the What’s New in Corticon product documentation that is installed with Corticon and also available as a separate download ( discuss any questions regarding this release with Progress Technical Support using the SupportLink portal at

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