Corticon 5.6.1 release highlights 

Advanced Data Callout
Corticon 5.6.1 introduces a new mechanism for accessing database data from your rules. The Advanced Data Callout (ADC) provides complete control over the queries used to access data and when they are performed. It is ideal for use cases where large amounts of data need to be retrieved such as in batch processing. ADC complements the existing Enterprise Data Connector (EDC). You now have two ways to access database data from rules.

Linux Installer

Corticon 5.6.1 adds an installer for Linux.  Corticon has long supported deployment to Linux but has not provided an installer. The new Linux installer includes the Progress Application Server (PAS). You can now install on Linux and have a production ready Corticon deployment ready to go.

Enhanced Extension Features 
Corticon 5.6.1 enhances flexibility for creating custom extensions to Corticon. If you are licensed for Corticon EDC you can now use the Data Direct drivers bundled with Corticon in your extensions. This makes it easy for you to create and deploy custom extensions which access database data. Also enhanced is the service callout API. You can now create custom callouts which accept properties defined on an instance of the callout in a ruleflow. This allows you to create generic callouts which can be reused by allowing configuration properties to be specified on each instance.

Further details of all the changes can be found in the What’s New in Corticon product documentation that is installed with Corticon and also available as a separate download ( discuss any questions regarding this release with Progress Technical Support using the SupportLink portal at
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