Progress Software is proud to announce the release of Corticon 5.5.2. With this release, we have added several major enhancements along with bug fixes.

Corticon 5.5.2 Release Highlights:

Rule Execution Recording

  • 5.5.2 now provides the capability to record all input payloads, all rule messages produced processing the payload as well as the output payload.
  • This allows modelers to record the entire activity of a decision Service to later on
    • audit if required,
    • understand why and how the decision was made
    • shrink the size of output payloads by removing rule messages if there is an overwhelming amount of messages

Create Rulesheets directly from Microsoft Excel

  • You can now use Microsoft Excel spread sheet to directly import rules into a Corticon rulesheet
    • Any decisions that are based on tables represented in Excel spread sheet in a two-dimensional table can now be directly imported into studio saving hours of modelling time

Perform Logical Analysis on Ruleflow Branch Containers

  • Similar to performing logical analysis checks (completeness, ambiguity, logical loops) on rulesheets, you can now perform logical analysis checks on ruleflow branch containers
    • The completeness and conflict checker in branch containers allows you to
      • Ensure a branch is complete by checking that all possible values have been accounted for in branch nodes
      • Ensure different branches do not modify a shared entity
      • Ensure a branch is not accessed by the branch entity through an association that is not being filtered by the branch

Limit Database Metadata Import

  • When using EDC, Corticon now allows you to control the tables that are accessed to transfer metadata to the Vocabulary
  • This makes it easy to control the size of the Vocabulary and make sure it does not become unmanageable

Web Console Deployment of Decision Services Directly From Studio

  • With 5.5.2, you can now easily deploy decision services directly from Studio into servers managed by your Web Console
  • Decision Services can be deployed into an Application within the Web Console which deploys it into the Server and Server groups that are hosting the application
  • This is especially useful in development and testing scenarios when rule modelers can deploy directly without stepping out of Studio

Server Management Utility Through Scripts

  • 5.5.1 provided the capability to build and test decision services through scripts
  • This release builds on that capability to use scripts for deploying decision services through the web console allowing you to automate the deployment of decision services

Manage In-Process Deployment in the Web Console

  • Corticon’s Web Console can now manage in-process Corticon deployments
  • With this release, you can use the Web Console to view performance metrics and manage decision services that are running in-process on a server.

Specify Ruletest Target Date Against Deployed Decision Services

  • Corticon 5.5.2 now gives you the ability to specify a target date to test and execute a decision service as though it were sent at a specific date and time

Further details of all the changes can be found in the What’s New in Corticon product documentation that is installed with Corticon and also available as a separate download (

Please discuss any questions regarding this release with Progress Technical Support using the SupportLink portal at


Best regards,

Ankur Goyal

Product Management, Progress Corticon